Hypnotists and Comedians

Hypnotists and Comedians

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$1000-$5000 PER SHOW
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Hypnotists and Comedians


Advanced Entertainment is proud to be your full entertainment provider! We have a full slate of comedy stage hypnotists and comedians to add to your company party, family event, barbecue, or gathering.

We can provide corporate clean or that of a more “mature” nature, depending on the audience and the reaction you’re wanting to get. We have talent from across the country to match budgets, as well as the needs of your event. Many of our comedians are quite well known, having competed in places like Seattle, Montreal, New York and Los Angeles. Several have appeared at the Just for Laughs festival, and many have filmed their own specials for the Comedy Network.

Every comedian has a different budget level, so please contact us for recommendations and pricing.

Our hypnotists are all fully trained in the art of hypnotherapy, and have perfected their comedic stage hypnosis with years and years of practice. Most are local to the Edmonton capital region, and would love to perform for you! Again, the shows can be tailored to your event with a cleaner version if required – but adult-only hypno shows are also available.

And, hypnotists also have different budget levels and different types of shows, so please contact us for recommendations and pricing.

  • Hypnosis shows usually last 1-2 hours
  • Comedian sets are typically 45 minutes – 1 Hour